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ENDURANCE BIOMASS FURNACE "More heat. Less hassle."
The Endurance Biomass furnace The Endurance Biomass furnace is the most efficient biomass furnace on the market. Why? Because the Endurance is engineered to produce more usable heat. Simply put, you get more heat from wood pellets, corn, cherry pits or other biomass fuel. Plus, Endurance is easy to use and maintain.

With Endurance, you can heat your WHOLE home with shelled corn, wood pellets, or other biomass fuels, investing your heating dollars in renewable fuels that are locally grown. Installed as a stand-alone furnace, an add-on furnace or in-room stove, Endurance combines the environmental benefits of biomass fuel, with the convenience of self-cleaning, low-maintenance operation. The result is a high-performance heating unit that's easy to use, cost-effective, and satisfying to own.

Visit the Endurance Biomass website for more information.

Made in the USA Harman PF100 Hot Air Pellet Furnace
"Takes Pellet Fuel Heating to Its Optimum Level !"

The Harman PF100 Hot Air Pellet Furnace takes pellet fuel heating to its optimum level, operating automatically to give you warm, comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Simply fill the hopper with pellets and set the temperature dial on the wall mounted control to the desired setting. The PF100 will do the rest. If heat is required, the fire will automatically light and burn at the proper rate to produce just the right amount of heat. If heating demand is reduced, the Harman PF100 will reduce the fire. If no heat is required, the fire will go out and light again automatically if more heat is needed.

When the fuel in the hopper gets low, the red light on the wall control will blink, telling you to add fuel to the hopper.

The PF100’s huge ash pan allows two to three tons of pellets to be burned before emptying.

With the patented Harman feeder and burn pot, even high ash pellets can be burned efficiently.

The PF100 can be installed as a stand-alone hot air heating system or incorporated into existing hot air systems. A chimney is not required for venting. This direct vent system can also use outside air for combustion.

Dual heat exchangers are used to extract maximum heat from the fuel, which will save you money.

Visit the HARMAN PF100 website page for more information.
Harman PF100 Hot Air Pellet Furnace